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Deanne's personal experience with anxiety;

Little known facts about anxiety that make all the difference;

How to take back control and start living again!

About Deanne:
Deanne Repich is an internationally known anxiety educator, teacher, author, and former sufferer. She is the creator of the Conquer Anxiety Success
Program, author of more than one hundred articles on anxiety, and a member of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.


You too can join the tens of thousands of people in over 40 countries that have used Deanne's techniques to take back control from anxiety! We're here to help you every step of the way. You are not alone, and you CAN feel better!



Deanne's Conquer Anxiety Success Program™, as seen on Lifetime, Oxygen, and other national television stations.

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  • "I was this other person and I wanted 'me' back."

       ~ Christina

  • "The worst day was when I had to tell my family..."

       ~ Christene

  • "My life as I knew it was over."

       ~ Corbi

  • "Anxiety made me lonely"

       ~ Carrie

  • "It's been very hard to live life with that much suffering."

       ~ Fositi

  • "Wow. I'm really feeling like the world is caving in."

       ~ Jeff

  • "It was just a never ending cycle..."

       ~ Kevin

  • "I thought I was going to die."

       ~ Vicki

  • "I couldn't breathe."

       ~ Patricia

  • "It was my worst nightmare."

       ~ Taylor

"Discover Lasting Freedom
From Anxiety, Panic Attacks,
Social Anxiety, And Anxiety Disorder
Symptoms, Step By Step"

Experience the

"How-To" Difference! 

Deanne Repich is an internationally known anxiety educator, teacher,
and former sufferer. TENS OF THOUSANDS of anxiety sufferers in over 40 countries have sought her expertise to help them conquer anxiety, stress, anxiety disorders, panic attack, anxiety attack and social anxiety.

Deanne is the creator of the Conquer Anxiety Success Program, author of more than one hundred articles on anxiety, and a member of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.


From the desk of:

Deanne Repich
Director, National Institute of Anxiety and Stress, Inc.
Author, Teacher, Anxiety Educator, and Former Sufferer

Dear friend,

If you suffer from anxiety symptoms that interfere with your daily life, know that you are not alone, and you CAN feel better! Over 40 million Americans suffer from overwhelming anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, or other anxiety disorders. Anxiety is real, serious, and above all — very treatable! 

Experts believe that factors such as the body's overreaction to stress, stress overload, lifestyle, childhood environment, genetic factors, and thought patterns can contribute to an anxiety disorder. What many people don't realize is that we can teach ourselves to change every single one of these factors except genetics, which is great news. Genetics alone does not create an anxiety disorder. It takes several factors working together over time. What this means is that we hold the key to our own freedom from anxiety!

"Can I Get Better?"

In a word, YES!

Anxiety can play tricks on our minds and make us feel that there is something wrong with us or that we have some personal deficiency that we should keep secret from others. The truth is that you are a normal, worthy, wonderful person!

Yes, you CAN overcome anxiety. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that you are doomed to a life of anxiety. This is simply not the case. I and the thousands of people that have used my strategies to conquer their anxiety are living proof that you can transform your life!

My Personal Story

Hi, my name is Deanne Repich and I am the creator of the Conquer Anxiety Success Program™ and Director of the National Institute of Anxiety and Stress, Inc. I'm a former anxiety sufferer, internationally renowned anxiety educator, and teacher with 12+ years of teaching and training experience.

I understand what you're going through because for almost twenty years I was a prisoner in my own life. I was living half a life, stuck in the vise-like grip of anxiety. My body was a wreck (from experiencing dozens of overwhelming physical symptoms every day), my mind was constantly stuck in a treadmill of obsessive thoughts, and I avoided most people, places, and situations in a futile attempt to avoid my anxiety. Check out my story and my bio.

I'm thrilled to report that I am now anxiety-free and happy to be alive! After I conquered my anxiety, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others know that they too can reclaim their lives from anxiety. My goal is to help you leverage powerful techniques that help you feel better faster, rather than suffering needlessly like I did for so many years. 

"What Is the

Conquer Anxiety Success Program™?"

The Conquer Anxiety Success Program™ is a 30-day, life-changing program that empowers and shows you how to teach yourself to change how you feel, think, and act to reach the root causes of anxiety and experience lasting freedom. This course doesn't just tell you how to overcome anxiety, it SHOWS you with its unique "how-to" approach.

This course is unlike any other you have ever tried before. From personal experience, I am well aware that "knowing about" anxiety is not the same as conquering it! Many people that experience anxiety know about it, but if you're like most anxiety sufferers, the question remains: "What do I do to feel better?"

Our program answers that question. It guides you step by step through techniques that help you take charge and take back your life. I invite you to experience the "How-To" Difference!

"Is This Program for My Type of Anxiety

and My Situation?"

This program is for you if you experience intense or prolonged anxiety, including panic attacks, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and agoraphobia.

If you suffer from intense anxiety and stress that interferes with your daily life, this program is for you. You can benefit from the program no matter how long you've suffered or what type of anxiety you experience. Join the thousands of people  in more than forty countries that have used the program techniques to transform their lives!

"What Can I Expect from the Program?"

This comprehensive, step-by-step action plan takes the head knowledge about overcoming anxiety and turns it into real actionusing our unique "how-to" approach. It is jam-packed with over 70 step-by-step strategies that you can immediately use to start feeling better. You will actually hear my voice walking you through each of the techniques and showing you how to apply it to your own particular situation. We're in this together, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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You will learn simple, real-life strategies that show you how teach yourself to overcome  physical symptoms, all of type of anxious, negative, and obsessive thoughts, and how to stop avoiding the things that trigger anxiety. You will learn to free yourself from anxiety and automatically react in a calm way. This easy-to-follow, prescription-free solution guides you in building a foundation of lasting change.

My Conquer Anxiety Success Program™ is the result of five years of research and over a decade of learning through trial and error. If you practice the principles in the program with dedication and daily practice, they will work for you — Guaranteed! 

ConquerAnxiety Success Program

Get the Entire Conquer Anxiety Program on 11 CDs, Workbook, PLUS HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OF FREE BONUSES


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Thirty-Eight Easy, Step-By-Step Audio Lessons On Five CDs In This 30-Day Program Bursting With Concrete Techniques That Guide You In Making Dramatic Changes In How You Feel, Think, And Act (valued at $190.00)

I personally walk you through a wealth of specific, step-by-step techniques and strategies to help you teach yourself to overcome dozens of overwhelming physical symptoms, obsessive, racing, negative, what-if and other anxious thoughts, and change anxious behaviors, to help you deal with any type of anxiety (panic attacks, generalized anxiety, obsessions, traumatic events, and more) and any fear. Discover and address the root causes of anxiety to achieve lasting freedom.

Overcoming Social Anxiety Audios on Six CDs How to Overcome Anxiety at Work, in Relationships, Overcoming Shyness, Fear of Public Speaking, Dealing with High Sensitivity, and Unlocking Negative Emotions (valued at $169.00)

Social fears can be the worst if you don't know how to deal with them. This six-CD audio set is
packed with strategies, tips, and "a-ha" learning moments to help you make your social anxiety a thing of the past and propel you forward to new heights! CD 1 - Relationship Anxiety; CD 2 -
Work Anxiety; CD3 - Shyness; CD 4 - Fear of Public Speaking; CD 5 - High Sensitivity; CD 6 -  Unlocking Negative Emotions.

Interactive Workbook Jam-Packed With  Powerful Strategies And Simple Action Steps To Create A Snowball Of Positive Change In Your Life (valued at $49.00)

Easy, fun pages guide you through these powerful techniques. The workbook exercises take you  by the hand with action steps and strategies so that you can quickly and easily create positive change and make each technique real in your own life.

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These FREE Bonuses

Since I know it's one hundred percent to your benefit to act right away, I want to give you every possible reason to say YES today. If you respond immediately, you'll receive these FREE BONUSES


For a limited time: FREE Freedom Coach e-mail letters
containing additional success techniques, motivation, and support (valued at $49). These letters are yours — absolutely free!

Have you ever wanted a coach to help you conquer your anxiety? Someone to share struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned? Someone to let you know that you are not alone, and you CAN succeed when you're doubting yourself?

About every other day, you'll receive these valuable Freedom Coach e-mail letters to guide you through the course techniques for that week and act as a friend and coach along the way. They contain the help, hope, and guidance you need to conquer anxiety permanently.


For a limited time: FREE Embrace Your Power CD leverages your learning by laying the foundation for making positive, healthy thoughts automatic using  visualizations and affirmations (valued at $29).

Anthony Robbins, World Renowned Expert On Motivational Thinking, Said It Best... "By repeating an affirmation over and over again, it becomes embedded in the subconscious mind, and eventually becomes your reality. That is why you need to be careful what you think and believe, because that is exactly what you will get!"

Affirmations have long been recognized as a proven tool in manifesting desires. That's because the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between suggestions (affirmations) and actual reality. The subconscious mind uses its powerful creative ability
and in conjunction with the body's nervous system makes these affirmations actual reality.

That's why millions of successful people from all walks of life
from top business executives, to athletic coaches, to spiritual teachers, and peak performance experts (like Anthony Robbins) use and promote affirmations.


For a limited time: FREE Embrace Your Power Screen Saver jump-starts the power of your subconscious mind and amplifies it using computer technology to create the reality you desire (valued at $33).

This one-of-a-kind screen saver enables you to effortlessly create peaceful, healthy thoughts while you're at your computer
at work, at play, or while surfing the Internet.

Note: This screen saver is designed to work on all Windows compatible computers. Sorry, it is not compatible with Macintosh computers.


For a limited time: IMMEDIATE ONLINE ACCESS to my new
Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Techinique (EFT)I am excited to share our new Emotional Freedom Technique videos (valued at $69.95) as our free gift to you when you act now. These online videos are an exclusive benefit reserved for you. EFT, as it is often called, is a gentle tapping technique that anyone can apply in a few minutes to obtain relief from anxiety and other negative emotions. You can access these video online right now to start feeling better!

While completely different from the skills you'll learn in the Conquer Anxiety Success Program™, EFT™ can be a wonderful complement to the positive changes you make in the program. I have started using EFT™ in my own life and believe you will find it an effective healing tool when combined with your program techniques.

I am all about using what works. At we take an integrative approach to overcoming anxiety by leveraging the best of the tools and research available, and combining them into one powerhouse solution. I believe this combined approach will help you feel better with quicker results.


"I Have Control"

"...without any medication and just the Conquer Anxiety Success Program™ techniques I overcame my anxiety!"

Melissa Schererville
Schereville, Indiana

Click to hear Melissa's story

"I'm Able To Act And React In A Very Calm Fashion"

"This course is just excellent! To be honest with you I wish I would have been handed this about 20 years ago and I really mean really would have had an effect on the various approaches I would have taken in life."

Dan G.
Dayton, New Jersey

Click to hear Dan's story

"I'm Driving And Going Places On My Own Again""

"Before I started the program I was at the point I couldn't drive any more or even go anywhere without having horrible symptoms. I was a prisoner trapped in my body and mind. Now I'm driving and going places on my own again... Thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back."


"Wow! What an Incredible Difference a Few Days with This Program Has Made"

"Wow! What an incredible difference a few days with this program has made...I actually started to have an attack last night (due to a somewhat 'scary' event at home) and was able to get it under control within MINUTES. Had this been 2 weeks ago, I'd be sitting here at work with a rapid heart beat, sore chest, dizziness, frightening thoughts AND wanting to go home. Instead, I'm able to work, function, and write this e-mail without symptoms."

Kevin G.

If you choose your risk-free trial through our installment plan, you receive the complete program right away, not just a sample.


What Makes Our Program Different

from Other Programs?


The "How-To" Difference!

Most anxiety programs TELL you why you feel anxious but don't offer real, practical solutions to help you feel better. Our program is different. It doesn't just tell you how to conquer anxiety, it SHOWS you — step-by-step.

We take out the guesswork and provide you by guiding you through over 70 simple, "how-to" skills for conquering anxiety that you can immediately use in your everyday life.

More Usable Techniques on Less CDs, Not CD after CD of People in Therapy Sessions Talking about their Feelings

Our program is different from other anxiety programs that are largely made up of CD after CD of people in therapy sessions talking about their feelings. In my opinion, listening to people in therapy sessions, while comforting because it lets you know that you are not alone, does not provide much actual instruction on what to do, step-by-step, to conquer anxiety. 

I've taken a different approach. My program focuses on "how-to" techniques that you can immediately use to achieve results. Unlike other programs, we don't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on infomercials to advertise our program either. Instead, we choose to keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. That's why my program and bonuses, worth almost $600 is on sale for only $297 when you act now.

"I'm On CD 2 And Feel SOOOOO Much Better Already!!"

"I would like to let you know of my great accomplishments since starting your program. I was able to travel across the US to visit my family in New Jersey, and also made a trip down to California as well as Oregon. Flying as well as going on trips far from home are things that I hadn't done in years."

New York, New York

Easy-to-Use Action Steps

As a learning expert, I know how to make courses easy to use to get results. It's very focused and to the point — providing you with exactly what you need, nothing you don't. This makes it easier to focus and learn

First-Hand Experience Gives You an Edge

Some books and courses on anxiety are written by "experts" who have not experienced anxiety first-hand. I suffered from several anxiety disorders for almost twenty years before discovering the combination of techniques in the program and using it to conquer my anxiety. When you leverage the research and lessons learned of someone who's overcome anxiety herself, you get an edge on understanding what works and what doesn't and can make progress faster. You can feel better, faster with less frustration and less time wasted feeling anxious.

Comprehensive WHOLE PERSON Solution Helps You Achieve Lasting Results

Unlike many programs that prescribe medications and a few relaxation exercises, my program give you a comprehensive solution. We focus on an integrative solution because anxiety affects your whole person — body, mind, and spirit. In the Conquer Anxiety Success Program™, you'll find the best of many traditional and alternative healing disciplines together in one powerful program. This approach helps you reach the ROOT CAUSES of anxiety to achieve LASTING results

"Great Accomplishments Since Starting Your Program"

"I would like to let you know of my great accomplishments since starting your program. I was able to travel across the US to visit my family in New Jersey, and also made a trip down to California as well as Oregon. Flying as well as going on trips far from home are things that I hadn't done in years."

Nicole Priolo
Spokane, Washington

"Well Worth the Investment I Have Made in Myself"

"I have made enormous changes in my life as a result of this program...The money spent was well worth the investment I have made in myself. I can't say enough good things about what this has done for me!"

San Antonio, Texas

"Best Overall Course on Anxiety and Stress Management"

"It is the best overall course on anxiety and stress management that I have come across over the past 30 years of my work. I would be very happy to recommend it and have already done so. I don't think the approach could really be improved (and I come from a teaching background in state schools)."

Bryce W., Lutheran Pastor

"Do You Have a Risk-Free Guarantee?"

Definitely. You are backed by our no risk, no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don't find the course a valuable tool in conquering your anxiety, just contact us within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of the price you've paid (less shipping and handling).

All I ask is that you try out my simple, easy-to-follow recovery methods and give them a shot. Just give it a fair effort. If you aren't very satisfied with your results, I don't want your money.

Consider the cost of feeling anxious... the missed days of work, the cost of prescription drugs, the missed activities, the loss of relaxed, quality time with loved ones... the time wasted living in pain and fear. The financial — not to mention emotional — cost of feeling anxious is steep. Life is too precious to be wasted feeling anxious, don't you think?

Take Control Of Your Anxiety...

Starting Today!

You have an amazing opportunity before you — the opportunity to conquer anxiety and live the happy, healthy life you deserve. The only thing you need to give this information a shot, is an open mind. Open enough to take a chance on yourself and the material contained in my program. 

I know what it's like to feel plagued by intense physical symptoms, fear, and anxiety. I lived that way for almost twenty years — living half a life. And what I regret most is the years I spent feeling anxious when I didn't have to. 

You don't have to live with overwhelming anxiety any longer. Don't waste another day feeling anxious. Conquer your anxiety starting today!

"I Got My Life Back"

"Thanks to your course,  I got my life back!"

Kim D.
Los Angeles, California

"A Life-Saver"

"It (the program) will work for anyone who will just listen and work through it. The program has been a life-saver for me."

Greensboro, North Carolina

"Best Investment I Have Ever Made"

"...Your program was the best investment I have ever made. Thanks for giving me the knowledge, tools, and techniques as well as the personalized e-mails to help me get my life back."

Darren B.
Watervliet, New York

The Conquer Anxiety Success Program™, as seen on Lifetime, Oxygen,  and other national television stations.


Remember, If You Act Now  

Here's What You'll Receive

ConquerAnxiety Success Program

Thirty-Eight Easy, Step-By-Step Audio Lessons On Five CDs  Bursting With Concrete Techniques That Guide You In Making Dramatic Changes In How You Feel, Think, And Act (A Value of $190.00)

Overcoming Social Anxiety Audios on Six CDs How to Overcome Anxiety at Work, in Relationships, Overcoming Shyness, Fear of Public Speaking, Dealing with High Sensitivity, and Unlocking Negative Emotions (valued at $169.00)

Interactive Workbook
 Jam-Packed With  Powerful Strategies And Simple Action Steps To Create A Snowball Of Positive Change In Your Life (A Value of $49.00)

Bonus #1: FREE Freedom Coach E-mail Letters (A Value Of $49.00)

Bonus #2: FREE Embrace Your Power CD (A Value Of $29.00)

Bonus #3: FREE Embrace Your Power Screen Saver (A Value Of $33.00) Bonus #4: Immediate Online Access to New EFT Videos (A Value Of $69.95)

$588.95 for ONLY $297.

This is real help, powerful strategies
 used by tens of thousands of people
 to conquer their anxiety. Click the
blue link below to get your risk-free
trial today.

YES Deanne, Send me my Risk-Free Trial of the Conquer Anxiety Success Program™ right away. I’m ready to experience the “How-To” difference and reclaim my life from anxiety. I understand that this program contains powerful take-action strategies I can use to overcome anxiety symptoms and transform my anxious and obsessive thoughts and behaviors to conquer my anxiety starting today!

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30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Charitable Giving: We donate a portion of our proceeds to the Trisomy 18 Bridge of Hope Foundation to help kids with Trisomy 18, a rare genetic disorder.




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Treatment for anxiety, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, anxiety attacks and social anxiety now!

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